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History of Agria Tractors

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Agrimac is the machinery division of Agria Hispania, founded in 1958 in Amorebieta.

The production of motorized hoes and tractors started, and the range and power gradually expanded to the current 100 hp isodiametric tractors.

Subsequently, in 1990, Agria Hispania entered the construction market with the production of dump trucks and rough terrain forklifts.

Sixty years later, equipment continues assembled in the same factory where it started.

They still have a passion for mechanics and technology, in addition to the desire to continue to grow.

This drive and international sales network have led to the brand being represented all over the world.

The Agrimac brand is a European network engaged in the production of self-propelled machines to maximally facilitate the processes of warehouse activities, such as loading, unloading, and moving various cargoes.

The company produces mini-dump trucks, mini-tractors, loaders, as well as rotary and motor cultivators, etc.

Agrimac brand equipment has visual differences depending on the region of production (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain).

The design of warehouse equipment developed based on a concept that makes it as easy as possible to carry out various maintenance procedures.