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Barber Greene BG245C Paver
Barber Greene BG245C Paver
Barber Greene
Barber Greene

Barber Greene History

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The main task for which the asphalt paver is used is a quick and even distribution of the asphalt concrete mix tractor of a given thickness.

Which, by the way, should only fit in dry weather, on the non-frozen cleaned base with strict observance of the material temperature and at an ambient temperature not lower than the established values (5–10 ° С).

The first mechanical self-propelled asphalt paver tractor appeared in the USA – Barber-Greene model 1931 moved along special rails.

It equipped with a loader and mixer for preparing the mixture.

Soon this car got on the tracks and purchased a “floating” plate with a tamper bar.

Since 1991, the Barber-Greene line of asphalt pavers purchased by Caterpillar.