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History of Bautz Tractors

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The company founded around 1900 as a harvesting machine factory. The product range limited to machines for grass processing, but grain harvesting machines also manufactured.

In 1939 this production hall for armaments production confiscated. Harvesting machines allowed to continue to produced in Saulgau.

In 1949 Josef Bautz acquired the design documents for the M1 tractor prototype from Zanker. Also, Bautz expanded the model range to include tractors with 22 hp.

Since 1958, after four years of development, Bautz presented the first self-propelled combine harvester, the T600.

After alliances with Nuffield and Hanomag, Bautz gave up tractor production since 1962 after producing 25,000 tractors and concentrated again on the harvesting machine business. A completely new generation of combine harvesters tested in 1966 with the Bautz Titan.

The machines 1110 and also 1111, which were available in series from 1968, equipped with a threshing channel width of 1.04 meters and four tray shakers. The five-straw walker machines 1310 and 1311 had a threshing channel 1.3 meters wide.

Water-cooled engines with 75, 110 and 150 hp provided sufficient drive and propulsion via the three-speed gearbox. In the models 1300 and 1301, power transmitted to the 15-30 wheels by means of a hydrostatic transmission.

Since 1969, the agricultural machinery group Claas bought the company and added its harvesting machines to its own product range.