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2024 Tractor’s Monument

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The world’s largest tractor monument will be open in Australia. It is due to open in 2024.

What is known at the moment? The name of the monument is “Big Karnama Tractor”.

To create it you will need at least 36 tons of steel. The basis was the rare Chamberlain 40K unit (the first proprietary tractor manufactured and designed in Australia).

Its overall dimensions will also surprise you, they will be: length – 16 meters, width – 8. 5 meters, and height – 11. 5 meters.

The initiators of the project assure that even a compact all-wheel drive truck and a large pickup truck will be able to drive under the chassis of the tractor monument.

Well, a real colossus, in the literal sense of the word, you can’t say anything.

At the same time, the investment in the project is also gigantic.

According to Australian sources, more than 500 thousand Australian dollars invested in the project.

Upon completion of the project, it will be the largest agricultural tractor monument in the world.