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Features of Chery Detank RF-244B Tractor

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Chery Detank Group was acquired in 2014 by Chinese Zoomlion Heavy Industry.

Zoomlion has approximately 30,000 employees and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment.

Zoomlion was founded in 1992 and is one of the fastest growing construction machinery companies in the world.

In 2014, Zoomlion has divisions of agricultural (Chery Group) and construction equipment. Chery and Zumlion produce tractors, bulldozers, loaders, etc.

This company produces 30% of its exported equipment in China.

Detank RF-244B, which is a re-branded version of the legendary mini tractor Chery RF-244B – the flagship among a large number of mini tractors with a power of 24 hp.

And for use in the construction industry, subject to additional equipment with a special mounted equipment (loaders and excavator units).

The tractor equipped with a reliable gearbox with low and high speed modes, which operates on the (4+1)x2 principle.

The Detank RF-244B equipped with a double-disc clutch, which ensures stable operation of the two-speed power take-off shaft 540-720 rpm even when the mini tractor completely stopped and allows for aggregation with any existing mounted and trailed equipment.

The lifting force of the rear hydraulic linkage with “floating position” is 500 kg.

The reliable operation of the tractor’s hydraulic system ensured by two hydraulic pumps: one pump works exclusively for raising and lowering the rear hydraulic linkage, and the other is responsible for the operation of the power steering.

We would also like to note that the mini tractor equipped with larger tires, namely: front – 6.5-16, rear – 11.2-24, it is possible to adjust the width of the front and rear tracks.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the comfort and ergonomics of the driver’s workplace – an effective two-way power steering makes it easy to control the mini tractor.