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DongFeng DF-244
DongFeng DF-244
Dong Feng Rango
Dong Feng Rango

History of Dong Feng Tractors

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The Dongfeng company appeared in 1969 and specializes in the production of trucks. Ten years later the company began to produce and civilian products.

Originally, the high standards of quality demanded by the military led to the fact that the engines of this company have been consistently quoted in the world for several decades: they are simple, unpretentious, economical and very reliable.

The Dongfeng company continued to evolve and gradually turned into a huge multibillion-dollar corporation. Now the volume of automakers is the fourth largest in the world, and component parts are on many machines of the most famous brands.

It produces similar products on four dozen factories, the concept of the company: reliability and quality.

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