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History of JOHN DEERE Tractors

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The origins of the world famous brand go back to the distant XIX century during the colonization of the American Midwest. It was then that in 1804 its founder, John Deere, was born.

At 20, he got a job as an apprentice in a blacksmith shop and showed himself from the best side.

Not only did the young man perfectly master his work, he also engaged in the implementation of rationalization ideas. Once John made an original plow for use in viscous soils.

The device, made by the author’s project, was famous for its high reliability and quickly became popular among farmers. This allowed the talented engineer to start working independently on an order.

 By 1848, Deere was able to increase production to thousands of plows per year. In parallel with this, he expanded the range of products, which included cultivators, seeders and much more.

At this time, John formulated the main principle of his company, in which he asserted that his name would stand only on products that fully reflect all of his best qualities.

In 1947, the production of the tractor model “M” started, which two years later turned into a bulldozer, equipped it with a caterpillar drive.

This was the beginning of the production of construction equipment, which began to enjoy great success with consumers.

JD in 1950s

In 1955, William Hewitt took over the leadership of Deere & Company and managed to take the company to new frontiers.

For a quarter of a century, she demonstrated incredible progress, which allowed us to speak with confidence about real flourishing.

Since 1956, the John Deere brand became as international – its own production of tractors was launched in Mexico.

The corporation confidently brought its products to the markets of France, Argentina, and South Africa.

Working on attracting customers and improving quality, the manufacturer in 1958 also opens a new division of John Deere Credit, which specializes in providing financial services, including the design of a leasing agreement.

After 5 years, the company brought to the market equipment for lawn maintenance and processing of land.

During the management period of W. Hewitt, Deere & Company became the leading global manufacturer with annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion.

Its special equipment was created to perform a wide range of work from agriculture to construction and arrangement of parks.

Since 1973, the corporation crossed the threshold of annual sales of $ 2 billion, and after 6 years it doubled this figure.

Since 2016, Deere & Company ranked 88th among the most expensive brands of the planet (The World’s Most Valuable Brands) according to the popular Forbes publication.