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Kartar 5036 Globtrac Tractor
Kartar 5036 Globtrac Tractor

Features of Kartar-4000 Combine Harvester

There’re some KARTAR Combine Harvester & Tractor Manuals PDF.

Developed agricultural engineering cannot be imagined without combines.

Perhaps a typical Indian combine harvester is the Kartar-4000 from the Punjab company of the same name.

This harvester is by no means a hero, but it is ideal for the needs of local small farmers.

Due to the Indian specifics of agriculture, the Kartar-4000 usually produced without a cabin, but if the customer needs it, then there are modifications with simply luxurious cabins.

In general, the model is very flexible both in execution and in operation.

The Indian agricultural machinery market is gigantic and protected by special customs duties.

Therefore, large multinational industry companies are constantly expanding their localized production sites in Indian territory.