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History of Lamborghini Tractors

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The beginning of the activities of the company.

The first tractor to be launched was the model L33 (1951), weighing 1270 kg, which developed a speed of 15 km / h. Following it in 1952, new models appeared: DL 15, DL 20, DL30.

In 1955, the first tracked tractor DL ​​25C, which did not achieve commercial success.

Since 1957, the model released Lamborghinett Mach, Spark.

Attempts made to produce helicopters, but the company unable to obtain the necessary permits for it. And its management has decided to focus on the production of luxury sports cars.

Lamborghini car company was founded in 1963, the tractor division was sold in 1970 — first to the GEPI. And then Francesco Cassani, the founder of S.A.M.E.

Since 1972, the company increased the production of machinery from two thousand pieces annually four times. Part of the profit went on expansion.

After the acquisition of the Swiss company Hürlimann, the name changed to SLH, (SAME-Lamborghini-Hürlimann).

And with the purchase in 1996 of the company Deutz-FahrSAME Deutz-Fahr Group (SDF).

Currently, the SDF is the third tractor manufacturing company in Europe by the number of machines produced.