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Maeda CC1485
Maeda CC1485

History of Maeda Mini Cranes

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Maeda is a Japanese manufacturer of mini tracked cranes and manipulator cranes. The headquarters is located in the city of Nagano, Japan.

Year of foundation: 1962.

1963 – a contract was concluded with Komatsu.

1968 – the beginning of sales of cranes under the brand Maeda.

1980 – start of sales of Maeda mini tracked cranes

Maeda announced the release of three modified models of compact lifting machinery with telescopic booms of the MC series.

Model MC285-2 has a 9.6-meter maximum lifting height with a lifting capacity of 3.1 tons. The width of this crane is only 76 cm, which allows it to pass through the usual doorways.

The crane equipped with two engines: diesel – for operating the crane in the open air.

And electric – for working indoors. Also standard includes a cargo lifting platform that can lift to the height of one person.

The third presented model MC405 is the largest, with a lifting capacity of 3.83 tons and a maximum boom length with a jib of 20.7 meters. When folded, the dimensions of this strongman are (W x H x D) – 1380 mm x 1980 mm x 4980 mm.