MAHINDRA Tractor Blink Codes

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MAHINDRA Tractor Blink Codes DTC

Problem Causes Countermeasures

1) Low coolant level
2) Fatigued pressure valve spring
3) Loose or broken fan belt
4) Oily fan belt
5) Poor thermostat
6) Poor water pump or water leaks
7) Clogged water passages
8) Improper injection timing
9) Clogged air ways
10) Fuel gas enters water jacket dueto broken cylinder gasket

1)Replenish coolant and inspectwater leaks.
2)Replace radiator cap.
3)Adjust belt tension or replace.
6)Repair or replace.
7)Clean radiator and waterpassages.
8) Adjust injection timing.
9) Clean radiator exterior.
10) Inspect cylinder head andreplace cylinder gasket

1) Poor thermostat
2) Excessive low atmospherictemperature

2) Decrease radiator working areaby radiator masking.

Loose of coolant
1) Leaking radiator
2) Loosely clamped or broken waterhose
3) Fatigued pressure valve spring
4) Leaking water pump
5) Water leakage through cylinderhead gasket
6) Cracked cylinder head or body

1)Repair or replace
2)Retighten or replace
3)Replace radiator cap
4)Repair or replace
5) Inspect cylinder head and Replace gasket

Noisy cooling fan
1) Poor water pump bearing
2) Loose or bent fan
3) Unbalanced fan
4) Poor fan belt

2)Retighten or replace