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Baroness 5 Gang Rough Fairway Mower
Baroness 5 Gang Rough Fairway Mower
Baroness Rotary Mower GM1700
Baroness Rotary Mower GM1700

Specs of Baroness Tractors

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Baroness LM551 Mower

Length 295cm
Width  220cm
Height 239cm
Weight 1,530kg [LH62]
Engine Kubota V 1505-T-E3B 33.0 kW (44.2PS) / 3,000rpm
Cutting width (Mowing width)  254cm
Cutting height (Adjusted mowing height) 8.0~45mm [LH62]
Number of blades  9 
Speed  Forward: 0 – 16.0 km/h Reverse:0 – 8.0km/h
Efficiency 24,384㎡/h(12.0km/h×width of working×0.8)

Baroness GM1700 Mower

Length  255cm
Width  183cm
Height  121cm (Handle)
Weight  900kg
Engine  Kubota D 1105 4-cylinder water cooling diesel engine, 1.123 L  17.8kW(24.2PS) / 2,700rpm
Fuel tank  24L
Cutting width (Mowing width) 151cm
Cutting height (Adjusted mowing height) 35~95mm(15mm spacing)
Number of blades 3
Speed  low (4wd) 0~8km/h high(2wd) 0~16km/h
Efficiency  6,040㎡/h (5.0km/h×width of working × 0.8)