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History of Challenger Tractors

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Challenger is a brand of AGCO Corporation.

The Challenger brand appeared in 1987, when Caterpillar began producing crawler tractors.

Since then, the range of equipment produced under the Challenger brand has expanded significantly and included wheeled tractors, combine harvesters, forage equipment, self-propelled sprayers and fertilizer spreaders, tillage units and mounted implements.

In 2005-2006, a complete reconstruction and modernization of Ag-Chem Europe‘s office and production facilities in Grubbenvorst, Holland, carried out.

Among other things, a distribution center for Challenger tracked tractors was established here for the markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The Challenger brand lineup continued replenished with new modern machines: Spra-Coupe 4000 series sprayers. TerraGator 2244 and 3244 spreaders, upgraded MT600C and MT500B wheeled tractors, and the latest MT900C articulated tractors.

Such a significant expansion of the range marked the beginning of the formation of common technological platforms and a single corporate identity for Challenger tractors.

With a rich history and decades of experience, the Challenger brand continues to expand.

Today it brings together a complete range of modern and high-performance agricultural equipment.

Many Challenger tractor models equipped with fully integrated Autoguide automatic steering systems, telemetry. And the GTA farm management system, which allows you to organize the work of agricultural enterprises even more efficiently.

Challenger‘s goal is to partner with farmers and agricultural producers around the world to help them increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their businesses.