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History of Menzi Muck Excavators

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Menzi Muck is a well-known global brand, founded in 1966.

Its creator is the ingenious inventor Ernst Menzi, who was able not only to develop new equipment, but also to sell it correctly.

Thanks to his creative and flexible mind, the ideas of the creator continue to live today, and many experts consider Menzi to be one of the best technicians and entrepreneurs.

This is why the first Menzi Muck 2500 was a real breakthrough.

The equipment weighed 1.7 tons, equipped with a two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 25 hp and worked according to the step principle.

In fact, it was the first walking excavator.

Later, more progressive models were created – 3000M, 3000EM, 3000T1, 5000T1 and others.

History since 2015

Since 2015, in Lucerne, the company exhibited many new options for equipment, including the 6000th spider excavator, and in 2019, the M-series generation presented with an updated chassis, P-Motion stabilization and other useful options.

The Menzi Muck excavator is widely used. Like other walking models, it is actively used to solve the following problems:

Landscaping and landscaping works.

Construction of railways, which is due to the ability of transport to stand on rails on the open part of the track.

Construction of various objects in the civil sphere.

Work in forestry, where the chassis of the excavator easily adjusts to the features of the relief. If necessary, can use a mulcher or other additional equipment.

Assistance to municipal services, for example, removing snags from streams and rivers at a depth of two meters. The machine easily submerged in water without consequences for technical components and without risk to the driver.

Industrial construction. In this area, the option is especially useful, allowing you to work at a high angle while maintaining stability, flexibility and operational safety.

Construction of engineering structures. Walking excavators are indispensable when working in mountainous or swampy areas.

The machines equipped with special equipment for drilling operations.

The scope of application of walking excavators is huge. They are useful in agriculture, industry, residential construction, municipalities and other sectors.

Not surprisingly, interest in this technique is only growing.