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History of Iseki Tractors

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Iseki‘s mini tractor is one of the Japanese agricultural machinery market.

The history of the company “Iseki” dates back to 1926, since then it carried out a constant modernization of agriculture in the Japan.

In the 90s. the manufacturer joined forces with other brands. And now the company produces equipment in large volumes.

The Japanese minitractor differs from other similar vehicles in the first place by its impeccable quality, which practically no one yet surpassed.

The Japanese mini-tractor created with the expectation of uninterrupted operation in any, even the most severe weather conditions.

In this case, the equipment can work for a long time at the limit of its capabilities without the risk of breakdowns.

All Iseki tractors are equipped with the latest Japanese engine, characterized by excellent technical characteristics, reliable design and ease of repair.

ISEKI tractors sold worldwide under various brands: AGCO, Bolens, Massey Ferguson and White. The first TYM tractors were built 100% of the Iseki components.