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Kawasaki 95Z7XT & 115Z7XT Front Loader Review

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Over the past couple of years, various construction companies, mining companies.

As well as other customers have increasingly had the need for a new wheel loader, which will have certain characteristics.

Most often, a shorter arrow was required. As well as a configuration that would simplify the process of loading and transporting various materials and goods.

To meet these needs, Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corporation introduced the new 95Z7 and 115Z7 XTreme loaders.

The Kawasaki 95Z7XT and 115Z7XT front loaders have a tipping load by 10% and 15%.

Both loaders tested in different conditions, performing different operations – including in conditions of heat, as well as high altitudes. The test results exceeded expectations – especially in fuel economy, the separation effort.

During various operations at the facility, the loader most often works with various types of materials. Testing shown not only the high performance of the new model, but also significant fuel savings.