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Aebi TT211 Terratrac
Aebi TT211 Terratrac

Features of Aebi Terratrac Tractors

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Farmers use mountain tractors to work on steep slopes.

The Aebi company offers the Terratrac mountain tractor, designed for the equipment to work on steep slopes.

The Terratrac has the same size wheels and the design is designed so that all mountain tractor components are mounted as low as possible to get the lowest center of gravity.

The tractors come in four power options, from 50 to 109 hp, and have a hydrostatic drive. The Terratrac has a tracked chassis.

There is a technique even more adapted to steep slopes – a single-axle lawnmower, which comes with different types of nozzles installed on the front of the machine.

The drive is implemented mechanically and hydrostatically.

They were equipped with an active steering system, there are three ways to control the direction of movement: active with minimal effort; moving the steering wheel, controlling the levers located on the handles; manually when the steering wheel is locked.