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Laverda M300 MCS-3
Laverda M300 MCS-3
Laverda M300 MCS
Laverda M300 MCS

History of Laverda Combines

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The Italian company Laverda is one of the leaders in the agricultural machinery market.

The process of assembling new cars carried out on the territory of the city of Breganz.

At the Italian plant of agricultural machinery, more than 450 people involved, who are very responsible in solving the assigned tasks.

Automation of the production process can significantly improve the quality of the finished product.

Laverda‘s company has been operating for 130 years. Agricultural machinery produced at this plant is supplied to the territory of 30 different countries of the world.

The simple design provides ease of operation of the combine in any conditions. As a result, downtime due to malfunctions will be minimal.

All parts ordered at related enterprises are subject to close scrutiny.

For Italian combines Laverda characterized by stability on a hilly surface. Using wide tires helps minimize ground pressure.

As a result, the productivity of the soil remains high for a long period of time.

Sturdy wheel gears, when working on steep slopes, receive and transmit double thrust.

Thanks to this machine used to work on any soil.

Great attention paid to the unique leveling system, which allows to reduce the width of the combine to 3.5 m.

This need arises when transporting a car along public roads.