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History of Barreiros Tractors

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Founded by Barreiros Diesel in Ourense in the forties XX century and moved to Madrid in 1952, he founded the current base of PSA Peugeot-Citro├źn.

Its legacy includes an outstanding plant for the production of engines and industrial vehicles, tractors, which became a leader in the Spanish automotive sector.

Despite the problems with I. N. I. (INI and ENASA), Barreiros has established contacts and partnerships with European and American companies.

It has achieved significant success in the production of industrial engines, trucks, buses, tractors and vans.

Although its foray into the passenger car market was not as successful, it partnered with Chrysler, producing the Simca 1000 and Simca 1200, as well as the Dodge Dart.

In 1963, Barreiros entered into an agreement with the giant Chrysler.

Although it was expected that this agreement would solve the financial problems arising from installment sales, the true intention of the multinational corporation was to introduce its Simca and Dodge Dart models in Spain using the Barreiros distribution network.

The auto industry requires massive investment and economies of scale, a challenge that Barreiros has been unable to overcome.

In 1969, amid controversy, Chrysler acquired full control of the company.

Eduardo Barreiros steps down as president and is forced to take a five-year break from the auto industry.

After forays into other industries, he returned in the eighties to Diesel Motores Industrias, S. A. (DIMISA), specializing in new diesel engines.

Barreiros, after his various industrial activities, settled in Cuba, heading automobile development projects.

There he leads various initiatives in the automotive industry.