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Fiat allis Excavator
Fiatallis Excavator

FIAT Allis History

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Fiat-Allis is a company that manufactures heavy equipment and construction equipment.

Among the equipment that seems to be the manufacturer, you need to name earth-moving machines, bulldozers, excavators, loaders and other machines. The name is currently changed to Fiatallis.

The history of the brand has been known since 1974.

Previously, the company was called Allis-Chalmers, and was one of the largest in the world in the production of heavy machinery and equipment, but faced with serious competition in the market, ceased to exist.

Later, when investing Fiat, she was able to restore production. Since 1985, Fiat bought out its share, and Fiat-Allis changed its name to Fiatallis. Production is organized in Italy, USA. UK and Brazil.

Auto parts for Fiatallis vehicles are the best for it and ensure long and safe transport operation.

Full compliance of the original auto parts with all components and assemblies of Fiatallis equipment allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out its maintenance.