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History of O&K Excavators & Loaders

Some O&K (Orenstein & Koppel) Excavator & Loader Manuals PDF, Specifications above the page.

O&K (Orenstein & Koppel Company) was founded in 1876 by Benno Orenstein and Arthur Koppel (Germany).

The company soon began manufacturing equipment for railways.

In 1981 she left the railway equipment sector to focus on construction equipment.

At the beginning of the new century, the first bucket excavator created.

In 1908 – the first single-bucket excavator, which moved on rails.

In 1922, the first single-bucket crawler-mounted steam excavator manufactured.

In 1926 steam engines replaced by diesel ones.

In 1934, the first bucket wheel excavator was produced.

The company also manufactured graders, dump trucks, cranes, wheel and track loaders, and other equipment.

The products manufactured at several factories in Germany.

In 1998, O&K sold to the FIAT Group, and in 2005 construction equipment began to sold under the New Holland brand.

In the same year, the O&K Mining division acquired from FIAT by the Terex corporation.

In 2010, Terex sold a line of mining equipment, including Terex O&K mining excavators, to Bucyrus.

In 2004, Terex and Caterpillar signed an agreement to sell O&K products through the CAT network.