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History of Forte Tractors

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The Chinese company Forte was established in the distant 1991, and its specialization became the variety of motor-tractors, tractors and motoblocks.

Forte is a well-known brand. For more than 10 years Forte have been producing garden and construction equipment, tools, and various accessories to them.

The company’s product range includes: chainsaws, concrete mixers, generators, drills, compressors, cultivators, ladders, walk-behind tractors, brushcutters, motor pumps, rock drills, starting and charging devices, stabilizers.

Also stepladders, wheelbarrows, carts, tractors, trimmers, angle grinders, screwdrivers, power plants, motorcycles, scooters, electric scooters and much more.

It took very little time for the brand to gain popularity on a global scale.

All equipment under this trademark manufactured in China. However, this does not affect its characteristics in any way.

All factories equipped with modern technological and productive equipment, which ensures the exceptional quality of the manufactured equipment.