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Volvo is a brand of cars, trucks and buses produced in Sweden. Production of vehicles began in 1927 by Volvo.

In 1999, the assembly of passenger cars sold to the concern Ford.

Volvo is the pioneer of the Swedish automotive industry.

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, who worked at SKF, a company producing bearings, initiated the creation of an auto enterprise in Gothenburg.

Work on the creation of prototypes began in 1925 with the participation of SKF.

The name of the company – Volvo, is also inspired by bearings, and it means “I roll” in Latin.

The company’s founders took into account the lessons learned by that time in the global automotive industry and developed a clear philosophy that Volvo has been following for many years.

In the conditions of the lag in the development of the production base of the machine of those years, they suffered from low-quality components that purchased from different suppliers.

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson put in the chapter the principle of quality, which must have all the parts and auto parts Volvo.

The company will focus on the design and assembly of machines, carefully selecting and building stable relationships with reliable suppliers.

The market in Sweden is small and the company will concentrate on exports.

In 1927, the first Swedish car – Volvo Jacob, designed on the basis of Ford, left the factory gates. A total of 500 cars with folding and hard top assembled.

A year later, the export of cars began.

Due to the strict principles of production, careful inspection, which took place all components and spare parts Volvo, production growth was slow.

Volvo after WW2.

The first post-war years, the company felt a shortage of components. Production reached and exceeded the pre-war level in 1948.

In 1950, the new model PV 831/832 introduced, the chassis of which served as the basis for the construction of cars for taxis, ambulances and trucks.

Since 1957, Volvo cars delivered to the USA, Amazone has become the flagship on the conveyor.

The quality of Swedish cars and Volvo auto parts highly appreciated by discerning American drivers.

In 1959, Volvo for the first time in the world installed three-point seat belts on its cars (it was the Amazone).

In the late 1960s, the company scientifically approached safety in the design of cars.

A traffic accident data center established, the injured vehicles brought to Gothenburg for analysis from all over Sweden.

The result was the revolutionary developments used in the company’s machines: dual-circuit braking system, the body with the calculation of the zones of deformation, sectional steering column, going to the side in a collision.

An optional automatic gearbox installed on it. The car became the best-selling in Sweden, an assembly plant opened in Malaysia, using Volvo spare parts.

In 1971, a new engine of 175 hp installed on the new, top-end model Volvo 164E. with injector.

It is not by chance that in 1976, Americans based on Volvo cars developed a safety requirement for their market.

MICHIGAN Tractors is a part of VOLVO.