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History of Venieri Wheel Loaders

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VENIERI was founded in 1947.

VF-Venieri spa is an Italian manufacturer of earthmoving equipment with a rich history, experience, and innovative technical solutions.

Venieri earthmoving equipment – created to ensure high productivity, efficiency and minimize operating costs, and the loyal pricing policy of the equipment supplier, combined with a program for financing the proposed equipment on lease, make it especially attractive.

Earthmoving equipment VF-Venieri

Mini backhoe loader
Backhoe loader
Front loader

Venieri backhoe loaders differ not only in their innovative design from the traditional backhoe loader in our understanding.

They do not have a hood – this is not an agricultural tractor backhoe loader, only with a bucket and blade.

The Venieri backhoe loader is a construction vehicle with an articulated chassis, all-wheel drive on all 4 wheels, and the central location of the engine compartment provides increased stability and an ideal center of mass.

This is a digging machine that designed to nibble the ground with both buckets.

The operational weight of the front loaders is from 3 150 kg to 19 500 kg, the bucket volume is from 0.4 to 3.5 m3.

An ideal center of mass and increased cross-country ability makes them ideal for construction, from a construction site to a quarry.

VENIERI use Yanmar engines.