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Shanghai Pengpu PD165YS Dozer
Shanghai Pengpu PD165YS Dozer
Pengpu PD410Y Dozer
Pengpu PD410Y Dozer

Features of Pengpu CLD165 Dozer

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The Pengpu CLD165 bulldozer is an analogue of Komatsu bulldozers, and 80% of spare parts from the Japanese colleague are suitable for it.

In the production of Pengpu bulldozers, Komatsu technology is also used.

This allowed the company to take 30% of the Chinese crawler bulldozer market.

Pengpu (Changlin) caterpillar bulldozer can be equipped with a blade of any type: a straight blade with a fixed hydraulic skew, a straight inclined blade, a spherical blade.

A three-shank ripper is fitted as standard. It is possible to install a winch, which allows you to work on steep slopes.

The standard equipment of Pengpu crawler bulldozers includes: air conditioning, cab with all-round visibility (noise and vibration protection), engine start system in winter, improved lubrication system.

Specs of Pengpu Bulldozers

Pengpu PD140: specifications, description, review.

Bulldozers Pengpu PD140.

Crawler bulldozer manufactured by Pengpu weighing 15.7 tons.

Specifications of Pengpu PD140:

Dimensions 4940 x 3200 x 2889 mm
Operating weight 15700 kg
Operating power 103 kW
Track 1880 mm
Track length on the ground 2465 mm
Ground pressure 0.062 MPa
Maximum speed (forward/backward) 11.72 / 10.09 km/h
Max. cutting depth 370 mm
Maximum loosening depth 540 mm
Blade lift 1030 mm
Ripper lifting height 320 mm
Engine 6135AK-8
Engine displacement 12 l
Fuel tank capacity 230 l
Shoe width 500 mm
Track pitch 203 mm
Blade type Straight, swivel, U-shaped

Pengpu PD410Y-1: specifications, description, review.

Bulldozers Pengpu PD410Y-1.

Crawler bulldozer manufactured by Pengpu weighing 46.5 tons.

Specifications of Pengpu PD410Y-1:

Overall dimensions 7100 x 4314 x 3900 mm
Operating weight 46500 kg
Operating power 306 kW
Track 2260 mm
Track length on the ground 3480 mm
Ground pressure 0.109 MPa
Maximum speed (forward/backward) 13.80 / 16.80 km/h
Max. cutting depth 749 mm
Maximum loosening depth 1350 mm
Blade lift height 1620 mm
Ripper lifting height 1180 mm
Engine KTA19-C525
Engine displacement 18.9 l
Fuel tank capacity 750 l
Shoe width 610 mm
Track pitch 260.35 mm
Blade type Semi-U