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Epiroc Scooptram ST1030
Epiroc Scooptram ST1030
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Epiroc Haggloader 10HR

Something about the Epiroc Plants

There’re some EPIROC Mining Loader Manuals PDF above the page, Specs.

Örebro, Sweden, has been the center of innovation and production for the Epiroc Group for 28 years.

During this time, the staff increased from 300 to 2,358 employees.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of two Swedish factories.

First, let’s talk about the products of the first plant. They produce Minetruck underground dump trucks with a carrying capacity from 20 to 65 tons, Scooptram loaders with a capacity of 7-18 tons, Boomer and Simba drilling rigs, as well as a series of Boltec machines for securing mine workings.

In addition to equipment, the plant produces one of the widest lines of rotary hammers in the world.

The second plant produces rotary hammers for open-pit mining and geological exploration. The range of Epiroc models produced is diverse both in terms of drilling methods and segments of use.

Drilling equipment of Swedish origin use in open-pit mining (including the extraction of precious ore and decorative stone), underground and surface geological exploration, as well as in civil and industrial construction.

Depending on workload, factories operate in one, two or three shifts. In the manufacture of equipment, a continuous type of production with manual assembly is used. Loading and delivery vehicles, dump trucks and drilling rigs assembled on the conveyor line.

After mechanical processing, the parts sent to a special chamber filled with a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

There, a micro-explosion occurs due to high temperature (2,800°C), as a result of which the workpieces cleaned and their sharp edges smoothed.

There many different numerically controlled machines available for the manufacture of cabinet parts.

The Epiroc company is one of the leaders in the drilling and attachment equipment market in Europe.