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History of Cockshutt Tractors

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In 1877, James G. Cockshutt founded an agricultural equipment company in Brantford called Brantford Plow Works.

In 1882 the company enamed Cockshutt Plow Company.

At the beginning, as the name suggests, plows made, and later other implements such as seeders and other tillage implements added.

Since Cockshutt did not manufacture tractors itself, tractors of the Allis-Chalmers brand sold in 1929.

From 1935, the company switched to Oliver tractors.

After the outbreak of WWII, parts for military vehicles and aircraft manufactured at Cockshutt. Due to the additional employees hired by the WW2, new machines such as tractors and self-propelled combine harvesters developed.

In 1946 the Cockshutt 30 was the first self-developed tractor. This series of tractors was later expanded to include the Cockshutt 20, 40 and 50 models.

At this time, engines from the Buda Engine Company used, apart from the Cockshutt 20, the engine of which came from Continental.

After Buda taken over by competitor Allis-Chalmers, Cockshutt purchased engines from Perkins, Hercules and Continental.

In 1958, a new tractor series introduced with the 500 series.

From 1960, Fiatagri diesel-powered tractors sold under their own label.

In 1962, Cockshutt bought by the White Motor Company and incorporated into the Oliver Corporation, which acquired by White two years earlier.

From this point on, tractors only repainted by Oliver to Cockshutt until the Cockshutt brand abandoned in 1972.