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Features of Bizon Z110 Combine

There’s a BIZON Combine Harvester Service Manuals PDF (Spare Parts Catalogue).

Combine harvester Bizon 110 used for harvesting grain crops.

It also performs well in forage crops and corn.

The quality of this technique is at its best, since more durable materials were used in its creation, unlike previous models.

The maximum operating time of the combine reaches 70 – 80 hours.

But it can increased to 120 when using headers of different working widths.

The maximum grain loss is only 4% in difficult working conditions.

But under normal conditions, it will reach a mark of no more than 0. 5%.

To collect a ton of grain mass, the unit consumes from 30 to 60 liters of fuel.

Many farmers note the high level of quality of this model and its low cost compared to European counterparts.

Therefore, by purchasing the Bizon 110 combine, you get high quality at an affordable price.