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FIAT Tractors History

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The division of Fiat, founded in 1899, specialized in the production of tractors, began its work in 1919, releasing the Fiat 702 model with a capacity of 30 liters. with.

To attract the attention of buyers to the new tractor, the company did not stint on a large-scale advertising campaign.

For the year model 702, as well as trucks and agricultural vehicles traveled all over the Italian peninsula. The campaign bore fruit: about 232 cars were sold in a year.

The 702 tractor weighed 2.7 tons and was equipped with a 6.2 liter inline four-cylinder engine and a box with three forward gears.

It developed power up to 18 liters with on the traction hook, and the power transmitted by the belt was 25 liters with at 900 rpm

In 1933, the Fiat Trattori division continued to expand: the company OM (Officine Meccaniche), famous at that time with its engines, was acquired. On the eve of World War II, Fiat began producing model 40 Boghetto.

In the 1950s, Fiat worked closely with French companies, which led to the creation of a joint company Someca, a division of the French car company Simca and a subsidiary of Fiat. Someca models were designed for the French market.

By the end of the 1950s, Fiat Trattori had more than 100,000 tractors in its account. The latest development is a tractor 411 with a diesel engine of 2.27 liters, which develops power up to 36 liters. with. and equipped with a power take-off shaft.

Fiat allowed to conquer the European market due to its unrivaled qualities and skillful pricing policy of the company.

The tractor was sold in 1958 along with the less powerful Fiat 211. Production of the 411 lasted until 1967 and during this time several modifications of the model were released.

In 1960s, the company entered into several agreements with foreign partners: in 1962 with the Turkish firm Turk Tractor. Then with the Yugoslav Toverna, and later founded Fiat Concord in Argentina.

In 1966, Fiat opened a division engaged in the production of construction vehicles, which in 1970 became an independent company Fiat Macchine e Movimente Terra SpA.

1978, a model 980 was developed with a capacity of almost 100 liters. with. It is equipped with a 5.2 liter six-cylinder engine. Improved model 1180 in turn develops power to 115 liters thanks to a 5.5 liter engine.

A 1280 tractor with a capacity of 130 liters appears. with., equipped with a six-cylinder engine with a turbocharger.

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