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History of Liebherr Tractors

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The history of the famous family-owned truck cranes began with the Mustermesse exhibition in Frankfurt in 1949, when the first self-propelled crane of Hans Liebherr awarded the main prize.

The winning model (mobile tower crane TK-10, with a lifting capacity of 2 tons to a height of 16 meters) immediately went into the series and turned out to be in demand by the market.

Due to the affordable price, the tiny workshop on the first floor of the Liebherr house grew to a factory in Birbach in a matter of weeks.

As the market was captured, the production of truck cranes in 1969 was moved to the Ehingen plant.

Liebherr excavator applications

Earthmoving work. Liebherr excavators used for removing large layers of soil, as well as for laying heavy concrete structures.

Works on laying special foundations.

A diverse range of excavators Liebherr allows you to choose a technique with sufficient flexibility and reliability to perform this type of work.

Demolition and demolition of buildings.

An important role here is played by the economic component.

Innovative technologies and solutions have introduced in Liebherr excavators, allowing them to be used for selective disassembly or demolition of buildings.

Gardening and landscape design.

Small and maneuverable excavators from the Liebherr model range can perform the necessary work in confined spaces.

And compliance with environmental requirements in the production of machinery, makes it suitable for use in parks and other natural sites.

Liebherr Industries of Application

Cargo handling.

The large bucket size and high filling rate make it possible to effectively use Liebherr excavators for handling large volumes of bulk cargo.


Excavators used for the removal of slag, with the condition of installing special protective devices.

Forest industry.

The peculiarity of this industrial complex is the constrained space for maneuver. Liebherr excavators do an excellent job with such tasks.

Construction: tunneling, hydraulic engineering, pipeline construction.

Multifunctionality, efficiency, high performance distinguish Liebherr equipment, suitable for any type of construction.

Mining industry.

This complex hardened the character of Liebherr technology, shaped its current design features and resistance to harsh operating conditions.