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Euromach Walking Excavator

History of Euromach Excavators

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Euromach Srl was established in 1977.

The main activity of the company is the production of walking excavators designed for work on difficult mountainous terrain, in swamps and in canals.

More than 2 thousand Euromach walking excavators work around the world.

Euromach Spider R105 powered by a 140 hp John Deere four-cylinder diesel engine.

The excavator equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic steering system and a multi-section telescopic boom, allowing for a wide variety of jobs.

The unique elements of the machine design are the moving beams replacing the front and rear axles, to which the wheel axle shafts attached.

Thus, the wheels independently set in a wide variety of positions.

This innovation allows the excavator to work on very rough terrain with the most difficult micro-relief (for example, on terraces with steep slopes) without using outriggers.

Nevertheless, outriggers provided on the machine, and they also adapted to work on uneven surfaces.

This allows you to expand the working area of ​​the excavator.

The main boom of the Euromach Spider R105 is telescopic.

This makes it versatile: it can used both for earthmoving work and as a telescopic loader boom.