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Features of KhTP (XTZ) Tractors

There’re some KhTP (XTZ) Tractor Manuals PDF with Electric Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogues, Schematics above the page.

Agricultural equipment of the famous Ukrainian tractor brand KhTP (XTZ) has always enjoyed huge popularity among farmers and agricultural companies.

In its wide model range there are tractors both on wheel and on crawler drive.

Tractors KhTP work with the help of diesel engines with a wide power range.

They are produced in Ukraine at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Tractor KhTP Т-150-05-09-25-04

The track model, which is equipped with a reliable and proven six-cylinder motor of the brand YMZ-236М2-59, the power of which is 180 hp or 132 kW. The volume of the fuel tank is 430 litres. Caterpillar – rubber-threaded. Loaded mass of the tractor is 8, 25 tons. Of the additional equipment can be distinguished audio preparation, ventilation, additional folding seats, air conditioning system, as well as heating.

Tractors KhTP-150К-09. 172. 00 and KhTP-150К-09. 172. 10

Wheel tractor with diesel six-cylinder engine brand YМZ-236М2-59 with nominal power of 180 hp. Loading mechanism – two-cylinder (hydraulic), the lifting capacity of which is 4500 kg. Installs four identical wheels measuring 21. 3R24. The fully loaded mass of the tractor KhTP is 8460 kg. The cylinder head has two speeds: 540 and 1000 rpm.

Tractors KhTP-181. 20 and KhTP-181. 22

These are the most popular wheeled tractors from the famous brand, which are equipped with a diesel six-cylinder engine with a nominal power of 190 hp. The volume of the bank is 430 litres. Transmission is made of strong and reliable materials, capable of withstanding large loads. It has nine speeds forward and three reverse. This is quite sufficient to fulfill the entire spectrum of agricultural and municipal tasks. It uses a six-link reinforced torsion-balanced suspension, which helps the technique to overcome difficult and difficult road sections. The loaded weight of tractors is about 10 tonnes. The standard factory equipment includes audio preparation, air conditioning, fan, folding additional seat, as well as air conditioning.

Tractor KhTP-241 (242, 243, 248) К. 20

It comes from the most powerful and high-performance wheeled technology of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, which equipped with a powerful eight-cylinder engine of the brand YMZ-238М2-54 with a capacity of 240 hp. The volume of the cylinder is 14860 cc. The volume of the fuel tank is 430 litres. On all models install rubber 23. 1R26 in chevron protector. The loaded mass of the technique is equal to 9 tons.