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Ensign YX667 Wheel Loader
Ensign YX667 Wheel Loader
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Ensign YX2404 Tractor

Features of Ensign Loaders & Tractors

There are some ENSIGN Tractor & Front Loader Manuals PDF, Electric Wiring Diagram above the page.

The Ensign brand is owned by the Chinese company Ensign Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

In addition to the production site, the company has its own research and development center, the intellectual potential of which allows the manufacturer to develop both the machines themselves and the main components.

By the way, Ensign loaders assembled at one of the largest integrated plants in the Asian region. Here, under strict quality control, about 80% of the parts for them produced.

Before being put into production, each model undergoes a reliability test – more than 1,000 hours of operation.

This approach allowed Ensign Heavy Industries not only to gain popularity in China, but also to enter foreign markets.

Now the distribution network of Ensign Heavy Industries includes over 300 representatives in more than 100 countries.

All Ensign 3-ton loaders equipped with 125 hp Weichai engines. and a system to facilitate starting at low temperatures.

Among the main design features of the machines reinforced drive axles of a new type.

Depending on the model and modification, the machines supplied with various bucket options: standard, increased volume or multifunctional – “4 in 1”.

The functionality of the loaders expanded with additional attachments

The manufacturer paid special attention to the comfort and safe operation of the operator. The Ensign‘s panoramic glass cab, along with a large mirror and rearview camera, provides the operator with clear visibility.

The cabin of loader has dust protection and sound insulation, and a good microclimate inside is provided by a fan and air conditioning.

The steering column and seat with mechanical suspension and vibration absorption function are adjustable.

The seat back and armrests adapted to the operator’s needs; The headrest helps minimize the risk of work-related injuries.

Ensign front loaders also come standard with joystick control, return to dig function, radio, MP3, and flashing light.