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History of Ursus Tractors

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Zaklady Mechaniczne URSUS (Ursus Mechanical Works) was founded in 1893 in Warsaw and was engaged in the production of agricultural products.

It produced its first tractor in 1922.

1950s, Ursus took over the production of tractors based on the Zetor design, with great success.

1970s, Ursus entered into a licensing agreement with Massey Ferguson to jointly develop tractors.

The Ursus factory investment was the backbone of an extensive investment initiative in the 1970s under Eduard Gireck.

Under this program, large loans taken from US banks to import modern equipment, to increase Polish industry and the growth of the Polish economy.

In 1977, the plant received a $ 7.9 million loan from private American banks to acquire machine tools from Intersoll in Rockford, Illinois, and Gleason in Rochester, New York.

Such investment programs became ineffective and failed, leaving Poland with a huge debt.

Today, tractor production has dropped significantly, from 60,000 in the 1990s to a record 1,578 in 2006.