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Sumitomo SH80-3B Excavator

History of Sumitomo Excavators

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In 1963, the Japanese company Sumitomo Construction Machinery began production of a hydraulic crawler excavator.

Now the Sumitomo company (SHI) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of special equipment, as well as a technological developer of economical use of fuel.

In addition to the factory located in Japan, Sumitomo owns three more factories located in other parts of the world, which manufacture, sell and service crawler excavators weighing from 7.5 to 80 tons.

Sumitomo received one of Japan’s largest energy efficiency awards, METI, in the Fuel Economy category.

In addition, having won the Energy Efficiency Award from the Japan Engineering Federation.

The firm continues to claim to be one of the leading companies in the world.

Sumitomo excavators, which perform daily checks at ground level, ensure uninterrupted operation without stopping.

Depending on the oil quality and operating conditions, Sumitomo excavators have extended the maintenance time, providing a hydraulic oil change interval of 5 thousand hours.

A filter change – 2 thousand hours, bucket, bushing and pin lubrication – 250 hours.