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Features of Zoomlion RK-504 Tractor

There’re 5 ZOOMLION Manuals PDF above the page – Tractor, Excavator, Skid Steer Loader.

The updated Zoomlion RK-504, equipped with a cab and a synchronized gearbox with reverse (12 forward and 12 reverse speeds), is a worthy competitor to the Foton / Lovol-504 tractor and is an example of versatility, high-quality performance and versatility.

A powerful technical support base, performance characteristics, ease of maintenance, and ease of operation are the basis for long-term and uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

The four-cylinder A498VT engine provides increased efficiency without loss of power; the cooling system filled with antifreeze and glow plugs in each cylinder.

The maximum possible resource and reliable operation of the diesel engine is ensured by an inertia-oil type air filter with a high air intake height.

Separate oil baths are provided for the transmission and hydraulic system of the tractor.

The power steering (with an independent hydraulic circuit, pump and reservoir) and gearbox (with reverse) contribute to comfortable control.

Provide extremely smooth gear shifting, and create a feeling of inseparability of a single well-coordinated mechanism.

Realizing the full potential of the tractor involves all-wheel drive, a double-disc clutch, a compressor with a shut-off function.

A pneumatic brake booster, a receiver with air pressure up to 8 atm.

A pneumatic outlet, two hydraulic pumps, front and pendulum rear (with the ability to adjust in length and height) towbars, rear axle differential lock.

A hydraulic distributor with two hydraulic couplers (with removable hydraulic couplings).

And wide tires contribute to the efficiency of the tractor’s operational capabilities.

The rear wheel loader has three mounting positions.

The central link equipped with a spring shock absorber, which significantly improves the following of the local terrain by the working parts of the equipment, and also reduces shock loads.

Collapsible rims of the front and rear wheels allow you to change the track width over a wide range.

The hood reinforced with a metal frame, and fenders installed on the front wheels in an effective and practical manner.

The new modern form of the 6-support cab (on shock absorbers, with a safety cage for protection in the event of a tractor rollover (ROPS system)) provides maximum visibility, tightness, sound and thermal insulation.

A two-speed heating and ventilation system with cabin filters integrated into the ceiling.

To improve the microclimate, a fan with a protective mesh installed.

Available – 2 interior lamps, radio with USB port and speakers, electric windshield wiper.

The rear window fixed in the open position with gas shock absorbers and, if necessary, is used as an emergency exit.

Ease of control ensured by a flat floor of the working area with a rubber mat, two footrests, handrails.

The suspended seat with seat belt and armrests is adjustable for weight and height.

Separate brake and clutch pedals have stops to prevent the operator’s feet from slipping during operation.