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History of Mahindra Tractors

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One of the brothers – John – lived and worked in the United States, in Washington.

But a career in the political arena and all the benefits arising from this did not stop him.

The second brother also donated an important post in order to support John – Clark was the Deputy Minister of Finance in the state of Pakistan.

They began their activity by signing a business agreement with the company that manufactures Willys.

In their own factory, they began to produce this model, which has become quite famous and popular in India.

At this time, the company produces the very first own car only a few years after its foundation, namely, in 1965.

Other vehicles produced at the automobile plant, mainly agricultural machinery, tractors, trucks, etc.

With special attachments, they can be used as snow machines, repair, for garbage collection, etc. T

he company produces rear-wheel drive minibuses, which also have success around the world.

In general, it can said that the Mahindra brothers were not mistaken in deciding to leave their careers and go about their business.

Mahindra has a strong position in its segment and is quite popular both in its homeland and in other countries.