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History of BOMAG Tractors

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The history of BOMAG begins in 1957, when BOMAG MASCHINENBAU GESELLSCHAFT MBH was founded in Boppard, Germany.

This year, the first compactor roller tractors were released for compaction, which turned the entire market of road-building equipment and immediately took a leading position.

In 1962, the company began to produce super-heavy models of asphalt tractor products, which reached 7-8 tons and were used on an industrial scale. Since 1970, the company has also been operating in the USA.

In 1976, an analytical center of the company and a center for scientific research were organized, which conducts a study of the market for these goods and the production technology of the best technology for this field.

The company constantly expanded its production and range of products, releasing by 1986 a 29-ton asphalt-roller tractor, which is a favorite in sealing works to this day.

Since 2000, the company opened branches all over the world: in 2002, the company was opened in China, in 2005 – in France, in 2006 – in Italy.

Each subsidiary is engaged in the modernization and production of road equipment, as well as export to any world state.

The company has many branches, which are located in France, Italy, Germany, USA and in China. The collection and assembly of equipment occurs in these countries.

Germany produces all types of asphalt machines, which are exported to Russia and European countries.

The Italian branch produces cyclic-type equipment, there are mobile plants for the production of asphalt-laying equipment in France.