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Dutra before 1964

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The Dutra D4K was a four-wheel drive tractor from the Hungarian tractor manufacturer Roter Stern. The D4K was the successor to the UE-28 four-wheel drive tractor and was produced in two main versions: D4K and D4K B.

The unit initially manufactured in the Dutra D4K 70 prototype format, which had a WD 413 diesel engine from Csepel with a maximum power of 70 hp. at 1650 rpm.

With the three-speed gearbox, speeds of 3.3 to 19.5 km/h in the forward direction and 1.3 to 4.0 km/h in the reverse direction achieved.

The Dutra D4K model, which has already gone into mass production, also received a diesel engine from Csepel.

But this time it was a more modern four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 5.5 liters, which developed a power of 65 hp. at 1650 rpm.

The motor attached to the frame in front of the front axle and could be replaced relatively quickly.

Thanks to this arrangement, the tractor at that time had a lot of weight, which was necessary for working with heavy implements and not being stable on uneven surfaces.

The Dutra D4K also had a three-speed gearbox as standard. In addition, the transmission had two gears for slow driving and two gears for reverse.

The forward speed range of the slightly updated tractor was from 1.14 to 21.55 km/h.

The front-wheel drive switched off and the axles connected by a driveshaft that ran relatively far to the left between the axles.

The rear axle differential had a manual lock. Power steering began to be installed on vehicles only in 1964.

Dutra since 1964

Since 1964, another modification of the Dutra D4K also produced – Dutra D4K B, which equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine Csepel 613.15 with a displacement of 7983 cm³ and a power of 90 hp. at 1850 rpm.

This engin also used in some Ikarus buses.

Engines from other manufacturers such as Perkins or Scania, including the Perkins 6 354 with a displacement of 5801 cm3 and 90 hp. (67 kW), also used for export to non-socialist countries.

However, the D4K also exported to the UK with a 5391 cc diesel engine. cm and power 85 hp. at 2200 rpm.

Due to the fact that the same gearbox always used, export variants with higher speed engines reached speeds of up to approximately 30 km/h.

In some cases Steyr engines (WD 610) used. The tractor then called Steyr-Dutra 110 or Steyr-Dutra 1300.