Tractor Fault Codes
Tractor Fault Codes

Tractor Fault Codes DTC.

Follow the procedure below to read the error codes:

Turn the ignition key to the on position and press the menu button.

Each controller will identify on the Universal Data Display as follows:

ENG engine

IC instrument cluster

MCC cabin controller or transmission controller

EHR electronic hitch

AVC Auxiliary Valve Controls

AV1- AV4 – auxiliary valves

The number of active errors will also be shown for the controller shown on the display.

Tractor Fault Codes Example:

ENG = engine

 0 = no active error

Press the “↑” button to scroll through all controllers until MCC appears on the display.

AV1 = auxiliary valve 1

1 = 1 active error

Press the menu button to display the error code.

25 = error code 25

If more than one error detected for the AV1 valve, press the “↑” button to view the remaining errors.

IMPORTANT: A single malfunction in the system can cause several different error codes logged.

Before starting the troubleshooting procedure, note all active error codes for each of the controllers.

IMPORTANT: Replace the controller only if the problem persists after all necessary checks made.

IMPORTANT: All electrical checks carried out with the tractor parked on firm, level ground with the parking brake applied, the Forward/Reverse shuttle lever in the Neutral or P ark (Park) position, and the engine off unless otherwise noted. otherwise stated.