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JINMA Tractor Troubleshooting, Fault Codes DTC


Clutch slip

Cause of malfunction

  1. The presence of oil dirt on the friction clutch and clutch disc
  2. Uneven wear or severe clutch wear, rivet detection
  3. Weak Belleville spring pressure
  4. The free play is small, the clutch levers are not in the same plane, contact with the release bearing
  5. Deformation of the driven disk

Elimination Method

  1. Gasoline cleaning and troubleshooting
    oil leaks
  2. Clutch replacement
  3. Replacement
  4. Re-regulation as required
  5. Replacing the driven disk

Incomplete clutch release

  1. Pedal free play is too large, stroke is too small
  2. Warping of the driven disk is too large
  3. The heads of the three clutch levers are not in the same plane
  1. Re-regulation as required
  2. Replacement
  3. Regulation

Startling when starting the tractor

  1. Oiling the main clutch and driven disc
  2. Crushing clutch
  3. Distortion of the driven disk
  4. Clutch levers are not in the same plane
  1. Gasoline cleaning
  2. Replacement
  3. Correction
  4. regulation

When you stomp the clutch pedal all the way, the power take-off shaft remains in operation

  1. Pedal limit bolt location is wrong
  2. Disengagement of the clutch disc of the power take-off shaft is incomplete
  1. Regulation
  2. Re-regulation as required

The presence of extraneous sound or shock sound in the gearbox

Gear tooth surface wear is too severe, or tooth surface peeling, cracked, or broken gear teeth

  1. Replacing a new gear
  2. Bearing replacement
  3. Filling or changing lubricating oil

Difficulty switching speed or impossible switching speed

  1. Incomplete clutch release
  2. The presence of wear or notches at the toothed end of the gear clutch and the equalizer shaft
  1. Clutch adjustment
  2. Repair or replacement

Automatic release

  1. Wear of the mounting slot of the fork axle
  2. Weakening or hollow force of the fork axle lock spring
  3. Wear of the gear clutch spline
  1. Repair or replacement
  2. Replacing the lock spring
  3. Replacement of the traveling gear with gear engagement clutch

Noise level of the central drive is high

  1. Play between the bearings of the active spiral bevel gear
  2. Gear clutch is abnormal
  3. wear and jamming of the wear of the shaft of the differential mechanism
  4. Worn planetary gear or gasket
  5. Worn or damaged differential gear bearing
  1. Gap adjustment
  2. Re-adjustment of the impression and engagement clearance to ensure that the side clearance meets the requirements in the explanatory note
  3. Replacement
  4. Replacement
  5. Replacement

Overheating of the bearings of the active helical bevel gear and differential gear

  1. Bearing preload too high
  2. Unfavorable lubrication
  1. Re-regulation
  2. Checking the oil level, topping up when the condition is insufficient

Brake failure

  1. Serious wear or wedge wear of the clutch
  2. Brake pedal travel too large
  1. Replacement
  2. Regulation